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Want to share a problem


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Hello everyone,

Want to share a problem of my gig.

I have 4 gigs on Fiverr. I have more than 1.5k impressions per gig. One of them reaches only 80-100 impressions from the last few months.
I posting my GIG on social media regularly, attending buyer requests, try to be online 18-20hrs around.
But still, its impressions getting lower.
Here is my GIG- https://www.fiverr.com/share/eNPZpr
Can anyone check this out and let me know that how can I get more impressions like my other gigs.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Tanmay.

One thing you could try to get more impressions is different tags; there was some thread on the forum before the relaunch that said tags should be different from what's in the Gig title now. I'm not sure if it was the "Fiverr 3.0" thread, or another one, maybe you can find it through forum search. Even if the title - tag thing isn't in that thread, it's worth a read in any case.

Something else I noticed that wouldn't help with impressions but maybe with people who do see and click on the gig actually buying  or contacting you. It's mostly fine, but there are some small things that might keep me from buying a design gig, especially for something print-ready that will actually be printed, like the items you list (flyer, menu, poster, etc.). Notably, the random ' in "And 'On-demand", and there's some random capitalization going on. Might be tiny, but especially if it's a Gig with a lot of competition, even tiny things count.

I hope some of the above helps, if not, maybe there's just too much competition for that Gig, and it might make more sense to either focus on your other Gigs that do get enough impressions for your taste, or to think about whether you could change something about the Gig to make it more relevant for Fiverr's algorithm, or even create a new one.

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