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How can I cancel an order the buyer already stated that we're in the right direction?

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This is becoming serious on a daily basis on Fiverr, the situation where buyer asked you to cancel an order after 90% work progress should not be tolerated any more. Fiverr should be able to protect their sellers as well not just giving buyers the upper protection. 

I'm current working on a project with a certain buyer only for him to ask for cancellation after 90% work progress, I did everything he requested from start. I check on his profile and found out that he's a top buyer without any reviews to show he actually order seller's gig. I need help on how to handle this issue.



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I think you posted this in another category somewhere on the forum and got answers there.

You are in a catch22 situation here, because, my guess is, if you contact customer service, they will just tell you to "work it out with your buyer", which means, cancellation because that is what the buyer wants. Either way, I bet this buyer gets what they want and if you do not cancel, my guess is, Fiverr will do it for them.

Only thing you can do is perhaps try to talk to the buyer and find a happy medium, which I do not think you will be happy with. I think it will ultimately end in a cancellation anyways.


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