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Buyer placed order for less, requested more

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A buyer placed an order with me to edit 20 minutes of audio, but sent me 30 minutes. I responded a few hours ago saying...

Hi there, thanks for your order. I've noticed you placed an order for me to work on 20 minutes, but there is 30 minutes of audio here. Was I meant to leave out any of these files, or is there another reason for this? Just in case it was an oversight I've added an extra for you here for the additional 10 minutes. If there's anything you need to know or discuss please just let me know.

He paid extra for 24 hour delivery, there is less than 9 hours left to deliver and he's not been online since I sent the reply above. I've carried out the work on the full 30 minutes as I don't want him to respond late then not have time to do the work.

If I don't hear from him, what would you do? Cut the file down to the 20 minutes he paid for and deliver that, or deliver the full audio, despite him not paying? I don't really want deliver the shorter file to him, but at the same time it's work he hasn't paid for. I'd be grateful to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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Since you already edited all 30 minutes, here's what I would do:

1. If he doesn't respond at all, just submit the 30 minutes to avoid a bad review or a cancellation (since you already did the work)

2. If he does come back online, try to explain to him how he only bought 20 minutes, but that he can purchase 10 extra minutes with a gig add-on. If he refuses to purchase the gig extra, then just submit the full 30 minutes.

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45 minutes ago, callyofficial said:

what would you do?

Well, as this is what I would do. I would weigh in on the complexity of how far off the difference of work for 10 minutes would be. (As I honestly I do not know or have a good gauge -- for purposes of explanation here, I will assume that it wasn't too much). Judging that there is less than 9 hours left, and I (am assuming) the work feels incomplete or cannot standalone as 20 minutes only. I will deliver the complete 30 minutes, politely explaining so and so that supposedly 20 minutes. 

If it's a bigger order or something complex, I would think differently probably would have delivered the 20. So my conclusion was just all based on my assumptions I stated earlier. 

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