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It doesn’t directly affect your ranking, no.

Also the weight for a public review in the algorithm formula has been reduced.

Interesting fact: Fiverr can now understand when a review is most likely to be genuine based on a few factors (the actual wording of the review is one of them).

But in terms of ranking, the length of the review is not going to give you a boost.

It may be seen as more relevant by Fiverr and therefore placed higher under the default filter on your profile.

If the review is genuine then the benefit will be exactly the same.

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Think of it in terms of TripAdvisor or Amazon.

Do you read the very long reviews or skip over them?

The word count means nothing but I can tell you, the longer the review, the quicker I skip over it to something else.

Besides, it's the Star Count that matters here with many of the Sellers, not the word count.

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