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In fact, there is no single best social media platform that helps you connecting potential clients for your gigs. If I mention LinkedIn is best for you, that is subject to your adequate approach linkedInly. Likewise, Facebook and Twitter.

In fact, these three big social platforms simultaneously can help you great, while you have an authority site. You might start a two-page blog for promoting your portfolio. Then you can write top relevant topics covering your Gigs passively that can draw potential clients attention.

At a time you might re-post the content in LinkedIn and Medium, can promote link in Facebook and Twitter. The potential clients also find your authoritative presence on the web will rely most on accepting the same job repeatedly.

Where are your Gig clients located outside of your Fiverr-box? You’ll have to go there. But how? At least a single-page own domain can enable to happen outreach using SEO, as well as Social media approaches with the link.

You can’t post your Gig-link anywhere has web marketing ethics. But a web-page can help you passively to grow your Gig-selling building your authority. It will work best even if you get banned in the Fiverr.

Alternatively, without own blog, you can create your unique presence in the LinkedIn posting your regular short article for building your authority. But it doesn’t mean Ln is best than others. You’ll have to promote the Ln post on Twitter and Facebook.

Quora is also a powerful area (while you could design your profile properly including your Ln link) you can reply to the relevant questions. But a central authoritative page is essential to get better personal authority as a bonafide Gig seller.

As for example, you can learn more going through my Quora profile regarding web promotional techniques for your Gig promotion.

Hope these words could help you.

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