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greating!!! I m new seller to fiverr.

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Welcome to the forum!
I’m sure that there will be someone who will help you 


but just in case as I see that you are a new user: there is a category called “improve my gig” where you allowed to post your gig link and ask for an advice about your gig. 

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4 minutes ago, rasiaydeveloper said:

@mariashtelle1 can i change it now 🙄?

Hm, it’s a new forum that was rolled out today so it takes time to navigate. In old forum you were able to edit your post and change category. I think you still might be able to, but I didn’t try to create new topics on new forum today. I’m waiting for a meaningful idea that I’ll be happy to share with anyone. 

try pressing “edit” button and see if you can move your post to a different category. 

in general it’s not a biggy 😉 but worth noting it for feature 

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