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I’m a new seller in fiverr

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Hi there and welcome to the forum.

It takes a while to gain some traction on the platform.

But that shouldn’t stop you from tweaking your gigs until something starts working for you.

Right now the fact that you are not getting any sales in means your gigs may not be set up properly, for Fiverr to see them as relevant offerings that have a chance of performing well.

Use this period to your advantage: you can tweak away and experiment until you create something that resonates with your target audience.

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In my opinion, the amount of gig impressions that you have doesn’t really matter. 

Impressions are the number of times your gig appeared in Fiverr’s thumbnails (quoted from Fiverr website).

In order to get clicks, you need to have impressions (basically your gig needs to be viewable). As long as you have more than 0 impressions, your gig has been in the search results, or homepage, or user page, etc.

I would suggest focusing more on the amount of clicks, as clicks are what can be directly converted into orders.

I think it goes like this:

impressions ➡️ clicks ➡️ orders

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Hi jannatulamin, Welcome to Fiverr Family.

Few tips To Increase Your Sales: · create smart gigs · Make proper use of Gig Extras · Overcome the first sale barrier · Stay updated and never miss a thing · Check for buyer requests · Deliver the quality you promised and even better · Build a base of loyal buyers ·


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Actually it depends on how long you have created the gig. The third gig is not getting many impressions, but maybe that is because your gig is newly created. You should try to market your gig outside of Fiverr to get more orders directly.

I think you should also go for Buyer Requests for orders.

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First, this post needs to be in the category, "Improve My Gig" or "My Fiverr Gigs" not "Fiverr FAQs".  I wish this new forum had the ability for regulars to move posts where they belong. Anyways...

The categories and Gigs you have chosen are overly saturated - meaning, you are competing against thousands of other sellers - many who have been here quite some time, have a Level and many reviews. Also, 3 of your Gigs are pretty much the same - the logo ones. And, it appears as though you just have "stock" looking pictures for your Gigs. 🥱

If you do have talent in creating logos and have done this work - you should have some examples that people can view. Believe me, something unique and that does not look like the other 1000's of logo, tshirt and business card designers have will grab the attention of a potential buyer, because, it will not look like the rest of the page.

The thing is, most who put Gigs in these categories are not creating from scratch, are not artists and are just throwing something together in a logo making machine of sorts, which garners the same old, same old ... and this is why it is hard to compete in those categories. You have to stand out in some way.



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