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New Outlook of the Fiverr Forum!

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7 hours ago, zero_doshomik said:

Yes, i didn't find any delete option after post in here. Do you know where is it? The new look is really a NEW LOOK!, but not easy to use comprate with the perious on. 

Yes, I'm also a bit confused with that. Is it that you can't edit a post/response after 12hrs?

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1 hour ago, krheate said:

newbies on the Forum

There is a time limit (5minutes) set for editing posts to fix type errors/spelling etc, on higher forum levels the time frame is 30minutes.

For deletation, currently not available for users, I will send it to the administrator to check the possibility to allow this feature,  until the deletation is allowed, users can simply flag their own posts (and send a note that they want to delete that), we will delete those posts for them.

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