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Hello World - Welcome to the new Fiverr Forum!


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On 6/23/2021 at 10:27 PM, mjensen415 said:

Hello! Welcome to the new Fiverr Forum!

You’ll find some category changes and new ways to interact with discussion threads.

You get to choose how you see content.  As the categories have given way to "Forums" you can jump in and interact on a "forum" level. Or you can see all activity (like the old forum) by changing the view at the top of the page.

  • Table: A traditional forum table view
  • Grid: Displaying the forums in a grid
  • Fluid: A simplier dynamic listing topics with a filter box



This is still a work in progress and I’d love any and all feedback. We’ve all been working on this for a while and some things we needed to wait to go live before adjusting.

  • If you have feedback, please leave it in “Product Feedback” -> “Forum Feedback
  • Every user’s stats will be reset, but they will retain their old “Level”. This will be updated in the next few days with a leveling system.
  • This new platform also has new achievement badges which are live now. More on that in the next few days too.

Check out the new “Fiverr Questions” - an area where you can ask questions, the community can answer and then vote for the best answer.

  • If you’re checking out specific Fiverr Products (Learn, Affiliates, Elevate) you can find them in the “Fiverr Products” section.
  • Specific Verticals are getting their own discussion groups.  You can start by checking out Music and Audio.

Thank you all for your patience while we get this bird off the ground! 


Got more ideas. me too for  New this❤️

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I singed few minute ago. Everything looks so confusing to me. Somehow I got this post. found that at the begin people are also confused like me because of new interface. but UI looks more cool now and I am confused.


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Hello, we hope that no one unwittingly goes against the rules.

That’s why it’s vitally important to read the Terms of Service and the forum rules and if you don’t understand anything in them come to the forum and ask about it.

The rules are easy to understand and easy to follow. And fiverr considers all of them important, to the point that they don’t go easy on anyone who violates them.

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