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Hello World - Welcome to the new Fiverr Forum!


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On 6/23/2021 at 11:07 PM, theratypist said:

Thank you very much for the team's hard work as the community transitioned to this new forum software. I'm loving the fresh look! I like how we can choose what categories we can see the latest updates to by clicking on the boxes. 🥳 -- One question though, is the only way we get to reply to a specific person's comment in the thread is by quoting them?

Good looking !

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I think you should make all gigs, I mean, total of 7 gigs as per a new member of fiverr, fiverr gives the chances a non level seller highest 7 gigs, you have to take this opportunities to explor yourself,
Thank you so much

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Welcome to the forum.

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All the tips you need to get your first sale on Fiverr are in the above.

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