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I emphatically agree.

This will take a lot of some getting use to.

But just look at all the new formatting options! 


Looks like there's integrated 1.5 paragraph spacing, 
but shift+enter also works,

and regular enter for 2.0 spacing!


Seems like we lost line breaks, but gained COLORS! And some sizes! ...Though size 72 should maybe not be allowed.

Can I hide text with white? Oh, nice! Yes, yes I can! Hehehe... > : ) 
(Highlight text above to see the new *spoilers!* method.)


Do bullet lists still work?

  1. looks
  2. like
  3. yes
    Ooo! And shift+enter also works for sub sets!

Though it looks like regular [enter] is needed to turn off the lists option.


I'm going to miss the side-by-side preview window, but at least there's a preview option.



Quote works, but indents....?

Nice! It can be dragged to other parts of the post!


Testing 'code' mode. Does this prevent auto hyper-linking? 


Oh. Looks like it's auto-disabled anyway? (EDIT: Okay, it did auto-hyperlink, but only the http url.)


Ah, I see. Looks like if someone wants to hyper link they need to use the actual [insert hyperlink] button. That makes me worry a bit about bit-ly and other short-links though...


Looks like we've lost collapsible text, though. Darn. I used those a lot.


@looseink (Tagging still works!) Thanks for letting me use your thread to play with the new formatting options. Sorry for not asking permission first? 😓

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