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How I mastered my first two month on Fiverr.com


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My Fiverr journey started somewhere between an Facebook ad about Fiverr and me becoming a dedicated buyer. Never heard of Fiverr before, but was extremely excited about the discovery. I felt like, I had discovered a secret weapon of mass marketing, I was so happy.

I was so fascinated with the site, that one day, naturally I had the geniuses Idea of becoming a seller myself. As a complete newbie it felt like rocket science to me, to come up with creative interesting gigs. May be it was just the fact that I had not let my creativity flow for years or at least since I became a nuclear security engineer. Maybe I needed to study this Fiverr thing more. Day by day, I made small changes, Ideas came and went, gigs where created. I was really doubting myself, if somebody with my education and work background should really offer any services on a platform like this, nevertheless I was pretty known in the nuclear cyber security industry. Quickly I pushed all the negative thoughts aside and decided to use this awesome platform for my benefits. I found out that nobody else was offering a cyber security gig and I jumped on the train.

My survival strategy to compete with 3 million other Fiverr sellers: implement an Information System Management Strategy (ISMS) on all my gigs. An ISMS is a IT Security strategy and it consist of Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle and here is how I used it:


I researched on what gigs where popular and in demand. I checked the landing page every day, took notes, read everything about what and how to sell on Fiverr. I read anything and everything I could get my hands on and I still do. This takes some time and dedication, but doing your research is your basis for setting up gigs in demand.


I created the gigs I thought fit my abilities, that where fun and exciting to me. This is important, so you don’t get frustrated and just give up. I tried couple of gigs and I deleted them, when they really did not go anywhere or somebody just did a better job than me.


Now here lays the most work. I constantly check on how my gigs are being viewed, preform and ranked. I review them regularly and see where I can make improvements to keywords, be more clear in my gig description and improve my videos and services. Now I look back on some of the gigs I created two month ago, and looking at the gig description I think; “gosh I was such a rocky (never mind I still am).” In addition, I check on my social media promotions and see which ones help me the most and which ones where a waste of time and money.

Act: Here I implement changes, gig’s can never sleep. I implement changes to optimize all areas. Yes it is constant work, but hey I am competing against 3 million other sellers. I try to be as proactive as I can and take this opportunity to the next level, and you guys know what it means to be proactive.

I completed 75 orders, level 2 seller on the 2 month mark with an average selling price of 12$. Not the world, but it means a lot to me, because Fiverr gives me a creative outlet and the opportunity to make money. Yes, I left a top notch career, but happiness, health and satisfaction are more important than anything. I found freedom with Fiverr and I don’t think I ever want to go back to a 9-5 job.



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Congratulations Mimie, your hard work shows.

I love reading what is available about a platform. I have been on HubPages and InfoBarrel etc and I always head straight to the forums and digest what knowledge has been imparted freely from other users.

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Absolutely right. There is so much more to say. The Fiverr experience will be what I make out of it. If you take this serious, you nurture it, you love it and you work every day little by bite on optimizing, I believe success will come. Yes, if I look what I made here and compare it to my carrer field, its nothing, but this is like or let me say, it is a small business and you have to treat it like that. My gigs for instance are so designed that I can offer many different connecting gigs to a buyer. I don’t make money from massive orders, but from a hand full of good buyers that love my service and that is my strategy.

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Reply to @mimie01: Self sufficiency in doing what you do now will give you a better quality of life in the end I think.

I much prefer working for myself than being strapped to a computer as a customer service advisor, as I was before I became a stay at home mother.

This career choice is for my family’s quality of living and I can not think of a better reason to put my whole heart in to it.

I was once told reputation is everything in this job and I truly believe that.

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Reply to @cariad: Cariad, I could not have sad it any better way. I have two kids and now I ditched the nuclear industry, we are all happier, more relaxed and I am home to be there for them. I can have a career and stay home at the same time, and yes it’s a lot of work, but still happy. I used to make 50 Euros 1hr, but nervous, stressed, never home, sick from stress…how great is that? Not really. At the end, all it matters is our happiness and peace of mind and success will follow …sorry rambling on on on here.

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