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I can,t add my payoneer account on Fiverr


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Fiverr,s People, I hope everyone pretty good. My fiverr account is new. I have a Payoneer account. When I go to add my Payoneer account my fiverr Withrow option. Here I suffer a big problem I can,t add my Payoneer /any bank account,.
Either way, I can,t add my Payoneer Account Fiberr. When I go add Payoneer & then it,s showing blank. I can,t click here. When I click Add bank account it,s showing Blank.

N: B: I have no money in this account at the moment. Will the option to withdraw be enabled when I am earning money in this account?
I first tried to open a Payoneer account with this Fiverr option but did not succeed. The next time I open a Pioneer account in a different way, but I can not add fiverr now, why?

Make me solution all expert seller …& all of the people on fiver foram.

I need a different solution that I solve its problem easily.

Thanks, & regards

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Check this out: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010530058-Getting-Paid

If you have money available in your Available for Withdrawal balance, then you will see the buttons with the different options to withdraw funds

The above is from the article.

There is a contact us icon at the bottom of the article if you require further help.

Before I was confused about it. However, now it is clear that the option to withdraw will only be active if some money is ern to the account after opening.

Thanks a lot for a good comment.

& share a fever support my same related problem topic. Here i found my all problem solve.

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