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Anyone does video manuals for windows desktop applications?


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I made some research but haven’t found what I need (may be I used the wrong keywords in the search field). People do testimonials and reviews or videos but exclusively for Android, IPhone or Web applications. I need someone who can do a video manual for windows desktop application. I want a good quality video (preferably made with TechSmith codecs, from producers of Camtasia) that can be without voice (but can have little text overs) of some one executing an application, working with it (probably explaining what s/he is doing), so that viewer can simply repeat those steps.

For example I need a video where a person goes to an official site of KLiteMegaCodecPack, downloads it, installs it on the system (these to steps can be speed up a bit), than finds a fresh installed MPC in the start menu, execute it, go to File, Open Device, choose your camera and when your face appears on the screen - the video is over.

That is an example of work I want to be done. I have a number of privately developed applications that I want to publish in a couple of months. Some of them require working with web-camera, so your face will be exposed to people (video will be uploaded to youtube). I will teach you working with this programs, and will provide you with a script. I will work with you because I need a quality result. I just believe that videos are much more user friendly than lengthy manuals and watching it is more fun than reading pages (can completely substitute, but at least more fun to begin with). Plus video don’t require translation 🙂

However, you need to have an application that let you make a screen video of the good quality and high frame rate. That is very important.

Is there anyone specializing on that? (preferably having a licensed version of Camtasia). What will be your rates (5$ per how many seconds of video)? You can contact me by posting in this tread or sending me a private message.


Mike K.

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I think I should mention that in the tread so it will not come up as a surprise later on.

The primary software that I want to be filmed will deal with processing video coming from your web-camera. The main program analyses a face of the user, detects the eye movements and their open/close states. Thus you have to be ready that your face (your eyes) will be filmed and many people may see it after some time. I need more than one performer for the video where the face will be exposed. I don’t need any special make up, costumes, or back ground, I am looking for natural people under normal settings.

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