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I want to increase my impression and click. help

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On 6/15/2021 at 2:03 AM, sumedh999ayush said:

I shared my gigs on social media

Sharing a link on social media will rarely help a seller. Spamming inboxes definitely won't work either. What most people do wrong is they promote/spam a gig/services without building a connection with potential customers first. People don't care if you share a image that states how qualified you are and what you're able to do for them for a set price. They want to see the actual proof. They want to see the work you have put in. They want to see results.

I hate when I post something on social media and minutes later my inbox is filled with crap links and services I don't need or want. 

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4 hours ago, rejwanul_hoq said:

To increase impression and click you have to 

>Active on Fiverr as much as you can

>Marketing your gig on all possible social networks

>Increase your gig favorite by sharing your gig in different gig exchange group



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I have some tips for you that can help you as a newbie

  1. Try to be online most of the time.
  2. Send 10 buyer requests daily.
  3. Improve your images (Current images are boring) get ideas from your competition
  4. Share your gigs on social media
  5. watch some videos on YouTube for different topics you are confused about

I hope it helps.

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