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PayPal new reduced conversion rates


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Hello to all ,
Coming straight to point :
Usually when I used to withdraw my money via paypal , paypal used to Convert the currency at a price 7% below the market price .
i.e. If USD price is $1 = ₹72 it will convert it to INR at price $1 = ₹66.96 (That’s 7% down the market price).

But yesterday when I withdrawn my PayPal money the conversion rates were totally different :
The market price was $1 = ₹73.13 approx , it got converted to INR at price $1 = ₹70.31 (That’s 3.8% down the market price) .

So can we say that PayPal has reduced its conversion rate from 7% to between 3.5%-4% .

Can someone check it and tell me ?

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