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Seller Plus is getting an upgrade!


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This is perhaps a ridiculous request and I feel a bit silly asking, but is there anyone I can talk to who can explain to me what a Seller Manager is supposed to do? I just cancelled my Seller Plus subscription for the second time because I simply wasn't getting any advice or specific answers to my questions. Whenever I asked her a question, she responded with a request for a screenshot or specific details that didn't pertain to the question at hand. I never received actionable advice or suggestions.

Also, she told me I should still contact customer support for issues with buyers. Other people/posts on the forum seem to indicate that their Seller Managers helped them with these things.

Did I use it wrong? Was I expecting too much? What types of things was I actually supposed to ask?

I DO have a limitation as I cannot do phone/video calls, so everything was handled over email.

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