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Can I get organic sales on Fiverr with 3.9 profile rating?

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  1. In Fiverr Forum, I got a advice of creating new gig. If I create new gig (would be perfect for show on first page), will it show on search page though I have 3.9 profile rating?
  2. I also want to edit my old gig more professional way, want to give some gig image that drive buyers just like ‘love at first sight’ ! If I do that will they hire me?

    Note: My current gig is not showing in search page and I couldn’t able to send BR. I just complete 2 orders on Fiverr.

    Can I get organic sates on Fiverr in this situation?

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When you say organic sales, you mean someone just casually buying from you directly? Having 3.9 on a gig will not stop anyone from buying your gig, it should technically still appear in search unless it is a denied gig. However if you think about it from the perspective of potential buyers, perhaps the buyer would want to go with those with a higher rating, etc. Your gig is in a very saturated category so you have a lot of competition to begin with.

Check the status of your gig here: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig → My gig doesn’t appear in search → Select gig

If it says active, then your gig should be appearing in search.

So yes, you can still organic sales with the rating 3.9 profile rating but it will be much harder. You can still recover from that rating through future orders. You should consider trying out buyer requests and make the best offers so you can gain new orders and potentially recover from that rating.

P.S. No, creating a new gig will not make it show in first page. The search page appears differently for different people when you search. My first page will not look the same as your first page even if we used the same keyword in search.

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