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No order in fiverrr


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hi…! actually, I want to ask when will i get my order?

Its been 3 months(approx) in fiverr. 😔

I want to ask when will i get my order?

Let me get my crystal ball. Hold on.

Ok, I am back. Sorry, the ball was a bit blurry - but in all seriousness, there is no one here who can tell you when you would receive an order. For all we know, you may never get an order. Yes. I did say that. If you have been here 3 months and nothing has happened, what have you done in order to change that? Are you in a category that has literally thousands of other sellers competing with you? Is there even a demand for what you are trying to sell here? Many come here and put Gigs in the same categories some You Tube or blogger guru said were the “easy way to riches”, and, this is not how it all works. Some have waited a year and still have nothing happening!

If you are in a very crowded category, you may want to either find a way to stand out, OR think of what else you are talented at and can offer that does not have as much competition.


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