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New to fiverr platform please help me


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please help me sell my gig. I ready created 7 gigs. But no one ordered yet. what can I do? please anyone ready to help me?

Hello Muhammed_juraij. It takes time. Be patient. The sales will come. Make sure you are logging into Fiverr daily, visiting the Community Forum and taking notes from other sellers, and sending offers to Buyer Requests as much as possible.

Also, check your Profile Page and Description to see if it looks good and all words are spelled correctly. Buyers will look at all those things and decide if they want to buy from you or not. Take a look at other people’s profile pages who are selling the same thing as you and compare. You want your gig to look awesome!

If you can watch some Fiverr training videos and take some of their online classes, then that would be great. Every Little Bit Helps.

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