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Hi everyone, I am a new seller on Fiverr

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@vijayprasathMy Advice? Take Tests: Taking Tests Increase trust for buyers

Create 7 Gigs: New sellers have chance to create up to 7 gigs, so why aren't you doing it?

Image Tricks in Gigs: You've to create a image which describes your details for example: the attached image. You've to also add a portfolio image in the gigs, so buyers will get trust that you know a bit work and it may convert to the work and so, why will not the buyer hire you if they find the exact work done by someone.

Never Promote Gigs in Exchange Groups: A lot of people say exchange in the fiverr exchange group that it'll increase your rank but it's false at the opposite it'll decrease the rank because fiverr's algorithm will thought that your gig is less attractive and they might close your FB and Fiverr account. However, You have to promote in twitter and LinkedIn by posting your gig's important points and using the right hashtag.

Send Buyer Requests: You should at least send 5 buyer requests daily so you can get order and click. In fact, if your gigs aren't ranked you can get orders from buyer request and get clicks.

Stay Online: Staying online is vital because if the client client clicks the online button then they can see you for sure if there is less than 960 sellers online but it'll not help you in the relevant gig category of fiverr.

Ranking Gigs: How will buyers see you over the world, if there isn't any gigs are ranked. Yes they can see you in the buyer requests if you send 10 requests daily but only 10 people will only know about you. Buyers can also see you in the online sellers category but only 0.23% buyers click the online sellers button. You can get advice of ranking gigs from fiverr's expert in fiverr forum also in the youtube but there're too many sellers who don't has any experience create channels there. So my suggestion for you is that take the tips from only fiverr's expert in fiverr forum.

Hope it'll help you @vijayprasath

Best Regards




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On 6/13/2021 at 2:41 PM, vijayprasath said:

Hello all, I recently started my journey on Fiverr as a web designer. I am a UI / UX designer, and a WordPress developer. Good to meet you all, and excited to be here. Cheers

My profile - https://www.fiverr.com/share/jpL6DV

Welcome to the Fiverr Forum @vijayprasath. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

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Welcome to Fiverr Community Forum!

If you New in the Fiverr, You can follow under below:

  1. USE 5 Gig image & SEO.

  2. Use 5 SEARCH TAGS in your gig (SEARCH TAGS helpful for RANK your Gig)

  3. Per day Send 10 buyer request properly.

  4. Active ONLINE more time.

  5. SHARE your gigs social site.

  6. Visit FIVERR related group & follow others freelancer

  7. develop your SKILL in your category

  8. Learn more about Fiverr.

  9. Take a free Fiverr course.

I hope you got lot of order in the fiverr. Good luck for you

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