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How to navigate 'hourly rate' questions?

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I usually have a set rate for a software manual. Sometimes buyers inquire about my hourly rate and I just state I charge project-wise, please share the project details and requirements so that I can study it and let you know accordingly.

I understand when it comes to programming, there are unknown bugs, etc. that may appear as a challenge later but for a manual, I usually get the picture after looking at the software.

As for my work process, I do not have a certain time to work as I have multiple projects in the queue and I handle it according to my personal commitments/deadlines, etc.

Moreover, it may be open to disputes - I may complete a good chunk in power mode in 15 minutes, etc. usually how everyone works - how will I prove it?

I do not fuss over the buyers who may be fixated upon hourly rates, but I would love to know how others go about it.

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Hmm, :thinking: I have never been asked.

I have never been asked.

Maybe just a buyer away!

What would you say if it happened?!!

never really hear back from them after that

Excellent! I may use it (even though we all know my hourly rate would just be $10 loolol)

I will do X and Y for $5 an hour

Maybe in Fiverr 4.0 or 5.0

Does the buyer’s guide mention it? :thinking:

Sellers do not charge an hourly rate. Please do not register two business IDs and ask the same questions


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