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My all gigs are out of search result


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Suddenly fiverr has stopped promote of my best performing gig and the want to say that my gig is not performing well. At a same time my all gigs are out of search result. My best performing gig always show on first page or second page. But today when i search my gig it was not showing anywhere. But this gig has no negative review or order cancelation. Now my all gigs are out of search result and fiverr want to say my gig is not performing well. But i’m a level two seller and my gig was performing well always. Also i complete 260 order till now. So what can i do now. I’m very disappointed about this matter. I want suggestion from expert seller that how can i get back my position.

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Hi Crea8ivenur, welcome to the community!

I’m sorry to hear that your gig has stopped performing well! If you do believe that something is wrong I recommend that you contact Fiverr through their weblink https://fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig . In the mean time here are some tips to get your gig back on track:

  1. Use keywords in your gig descriptions and titles (don’t overuse them)
  2. Include a video and good quality photos in your gallery
  3. Link accounts external accounts to gain credibility
  4. Do some of Fiverr’s tests to gain credibility
  5. Do Fiverr’s courses to gain credibility
    This method increased my visibility so I hope it can help you out!
    Hope it helps and good luck with Fiverr support!
    High-Res Studios
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