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Buyer ordered our service without discussing

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A buyer ordered our service and haven’t chosen the walkhtough option and the renderings he wanted was 0. And wanted the work in one day. We messaged him so that we could know more about the project. And he didn’t responded. So we starting working on the project. We did our best and rendered more than 10 views and sent to him even after he haven’t mentioned the no. of remderings he wanted. But today he gave us revision and told he wanted a video not static video. We are sending you requirements of the client. The dimension of the plans are incorrect. In the given dimensions a 3bhk can be built in just his electric service room.

We have messaged him that we need to discuss the project anyhow. But he is not responding. And we cannot cancel the project because that will ruin our stats.
But now i have no option to create the video from the requirements. But the furnitures will look like a single tree in a very big playground.

If anyone have suggestion regarding this then do reply.


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Dealing with an unresponsive buyer is a nightmare sometimes and takes a lot more time and effort than they paid for.

In all honesty, I would have cancelled the order from the beginning. Never start working on a project without all the information.

I know it is not ideal, and you could maybe contact CS to explain the situation and try to have it cancelled without affecting your account (not guaranteed).

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It helps a great deal if you set up very specific order requirements so the buyer cannot complete the order without the info you need.

I have 4 or five questions per order that the buyer MUST check the appropriate box before they can proceed with the order. I know one seller who has 12 requirements!

So set up your gig requirements so your buyer has to fill them out.

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