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Video Thumbnail is Cut Off


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Hi there! I just created my first gig and searched for it only to find my video thumbnail is cut off 😖

Here is a link to my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/vivienreis/do-book-formatting-for-kindle-ebook-kdp-print-lulu-ingramspark-paperback

image1668×2224 409 KB

I’ve read varying things on aspect ratios but no one I’ve seen has confirmed what worked for them.

I am viewing it on my iPad, but other seller’s video thumbnails don’t appear this way.

Video was uploaded at 1920x1080.

Any help is appreciated!

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I don’t know if there’s a better aspect ratio for it. For gig images I think around 1.619:1 is roughly okay (I’m not sure about every device). In theory you could try it about that aspect ratio for the video but I don’t know if Fiverr would say it’s a non-standard video resolution/how well it would work for video.

If you keep the same video resolution (since 1.78:1 is a standard for video) you could just move the elements more towards the centre, away from the edges (it seems like the left and right edges are the parts getting cropped and not/not really the top and bottom). I think keeping it 1.78:1 and moving the elements in would be best.

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