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Not able to get past the w9 form

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I’m doing my first GiG and can’t get passed the W9 form. I filled it out, hit the “next” button and get taken back to the " You’re almost there! Complete the following requirements to start selling." screen. I go through and make sure everything is filled out, hit “next” and get taken back to that screen. It’s an endless circle!
I’ve gotten 3 emails saying my W9 is filled out correctly.
I don’t know what else to do. Am I missing something? Can someone help me out?

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I tried numerous times with the same problem. Tried one last time...then saw towards the bottom of the page near the 'Publish Gig' button in bold text...That you won't be able to publish your gig until your W9 is approved. How did I not see it all the other times I tried?! lol 

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