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Gig disappeared from Fiverr search completely last 26 days

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Suddenly impressions of my gig dropped from 20K+ to 1K+, then. The gig was ranking on the top page till May 15. 2021, but now it is not in search. However, I have contacted Fiverr support and they show your gig is active and visible on the title and all tags. I have received orders only from some of my previous clients.


  1. https://www.fiverr.com/sumon369/design-facebook-ads-fb-cover-banner-or-post-images
  2. https://www.fiverr.com/sumon369/create-a-twitter-header-facebook-cover-photo-fb-banner

PLEASE tell me what is happened and how long it will take to recover the same position again??

What should I do to recover?

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Thank you so much for your help. can you let me know what factors? and what do i do now?

Try reading this thread, its quite long though so just skip to important parts

Hey everyone! [frank hello] A disclaimer: The following post/article is not an official Fiverr statement. It’s a summary of my personal observations over how Fiverr works and I am sharing because I noticed that more and more sellers come here, stating that they “lost their ranking”. This is my effort to provide them with some answers and some food for thought. Hold up. Fiverr 3.0? If Fiverr’s early days (the wild wild west days) was Fiverr 1.0 and we count the facelift in 2014 (I think?) a…


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