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What does a Revision Consist of?


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This is specific to illustration. 🙂
I know revisions are used after the work is submitted, and more can be purchased later if need be, but what counts as 1 revision?

My very first order used her revisions but only asked for 2 things to be fixed because it came with 2 revisions, but what constitutes a revision?

Is one revision: all the things you want fixed at one time? (E.g. fixing a size, color, and background =1 revision) or is 1 revision for one thing fixed? (E.g. fixing a size = 1 revision, fixing a color = 1 revision) and so on?

I want to be confident in this so I can help my customers if they have questions in the future, I tried looking it up on the f.a.q, and articles around Fiverr but they all only talked about providing revisions and buying more,etc.

Thanks! ~Vee

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The scope of a revision is up to the seller to describe and limit in size.

For some sellers, a revision means willing to do the entire order over. For others, it means a very limited portion to revise or redo. And for other sellers, they offer no free revisions and any revision request will be met with a request for more payment before any further work will be done.

Keep in mind that a buyer can disregard a seller’s revision guidelines and constantly spam press the “request revision” button, but a seller does not have to accept and work on any and every revision request.

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Based on changes there will be revisions.
In my field of work I may have some minor changes in work later, I usually won’t charge anything for that however some major changes costs even more than a project.
So divide revisions into minor and major and decide weather you want charge your client or not.

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