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The Fiverr Fairy tale


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I thought it would be fun to make a continue story. So, I will start and the next person will add a little part of the story etc. You probably know how this work 😉


Once upon a time on Fiverr lane, there was a little bald man who was, what others thought a bit peculiar.

People looked at this man strangely. They were never quite sure who he was as he didn’t talk to anybody and didn’t get out much. Except for only two times a week on a Monday and a Friday. He would leave his house at exactly 8.00 am and return at 12 pm.

They weren’t even sure if he had an actual occupation in life.

There was one woman named Mrs. Rotsbottle, his next door neighbor, who was determined to find out more about him. As she thought that maybe what he did in his house, wasn’t all that pure.

The truth about this man was that he was a creative genius who was dedicated to his art. He created…

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