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Are orders still coming in like before? or Less?


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No I don’t think that orders are coming like before.
Even my Gigs are ranked yet I’m not receiving messages and order from many days.
I don’t think it is the matter of competition that the number of sellers is increasing.
Actually I have noticed that Buyers are not more active these days.In my inbox I have checked out that many of the buyers have not been active since weeks ago and those buyers have worked with me before

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I am busier than ever - before these shenanigans - during them - and now.

Problem most new sellers or even some who were here before the whole thing started is you are in categories overrun with too many sellers offering the same thing.


Agreed, with you, the same situation on my side,

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I will add that in the past month I have seen a slight increase in business coming to me from Fiverr.

Hi man, you’re here too! How’s everything going? You still go to jogging?

Yes, I do.

I’m walking a lot these days as I recover from congestive heart failure.

All is good.

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