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Buyer Requests/ sent offers


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Hello guys

Who can help me

I want know can i answer sent offers ?

If a customer wants to buy my service, he will buy it himself. I can’t get in touch anymore. I understand that. Then why do they answer my questions or suggestions, throw off the texts?

Hi speedtranslat4. Yes, you can respond to Buyer Requests. It is highly suggested that you do (I hope this is what you’re asking).

If you have a gig in that particular opportunity, then quickly send your offers. Do this daily and often. Make sure you know how to send an offer. This is very important! Yours words must be ‘eye-catching’ and can fill the Buyers needs.

Check the Community Forum under ‘Buyer Requests’ to learn more on how to write the best offer. Do this now and start sending those offers today! This is how you will start making sales fast.

If my information helps you, please let me know. Leave me a comment and click on the ‘like’ or ‘love’ icon.

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