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What is "sort by best selling"?

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When searching a gig sorted by best selling, we will find a lot of gigs from zero selling sellers ahead of ours. I am not a native English speaker, so I don’t completely understand the realy definition of “best selling”? Any talent can help? Thank you!

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You could ask CS as I don’t think they’ve said how it works anywhere.

It definitely doesn’t seem to work as people would expect it to as a sort. It might take order price into account not just number of orders but even then it seems wrong. eg. it’s showing a gig with 20 reviews and $10 start price ahead of a gig with 400 reviews and a $40 start price.

Also it’s more than a sort because it also filters (it normally shows a lot less gigs than the recommended sort).

So for a proper answer maybe ask CS but they might not tell exactly how it works due to some of their algorithms being secret. But I’d really say it’s kind of a bug since it obviously doesn’t work how it looks like it should (it doesn’t sort by number of orders/reviews or seem to by order price (eg. a package price * reviews).

They may automatically be taking into account more things like seller stats. eg. showing those with a low cancellation rate above those with a high cancellation rate.

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