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Temporarily ban account

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When your account was banned you should have received an email that is associated with your Fiverr account explaining why they banned your account. Check your email - check the spam and junk folder too in case it landed there.

What was it you were selling? Did you have offsite contact with a buyer? Did you spam other users on the platform? Did you receive other warnings before this? What exactly did you do to get banned?

If your account is temporarily banned, it sounds as though you may have broken some TOS. Only Fiverr can un ban your account - posting here on the forums (and in the wrong category - you had this under the Fiverr Podcast category which has nothing to do with what you are posting about) will do little to nothing as most of us here are sellers as well. You would need to take this up with customer service if you hope to get your account back.


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Please let me know my account has been temporarily ban please unban my fiverr account please let me know

please unban my fiverr account

This is forum, not Customer Support. We’re sellers and buyers, not Fiverr staff, and we can’t unban your account.

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