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Hi I need work please help


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In forum there is no selling option…
Fiverr is a selling platform. You can sell your service in Fiverr. To be a successful seller. You need to have a professional, optimized and organized GIG. you need to be active as much as you can cause most of the buyers are looking for active seller to finish the project immediately. To get more orders, spread your gig on social media where the real buyers exist. Send maximum offers against relevant buyer requests. There is chance to get orders with ideal offers. Hope this will work.

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Hello every one. Please give me some work please

Please give me some work please

This forum is filled with more sellers than buyers - so, I doubt your “begging” will land in the right lap and bring you orders.

If your Gigs are in one of the many over populated or saturated categories, it may take weeks or months to get an order - or, it may never even occur.

What makes your Gigs stand out over your competition? Are you even offering a service that is needed? A lot come here offering the most simple of services that most anyone can do, that they do not sell - there is just not a strong demand for them.


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Sometimes It is difficult nowadays to get an order so keep your profile attractive by good descriptions and show some of your works in gig files.
Send offers regularly and place a catching gig image.
Try to promote your gigs in social media groups.
Be confident and hope for the best.

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