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There is some tips for the new sellers. I hope you will learn something by reading this post

For the new sellers I have some suggestions. I always recommend newbies to get a professional, proper optimized and organized gig. So how can you get a professional gig as I said? Okay I’m describing here. To create a professional gig there are some steps Title: Create a better professional informative title so that buyers can easily understand what are you selling. A short title attracts more buyers. And Fiverr recommends that. There is an SEO option underneath the title. you can get some u…
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On 6/6/2021 at 9:29 AM, i_am_mahi said:

hey, I am new to Fiverr would you like to help me?

Welcome to Fiverr Community Forum!
Open Gig by following the steps below:
USE 5 eye-catching Gig image & with offline SEO.
Use 5 SEARCH TAGS in your gig (SEARCH TAGS helpful for rank your Gig)
Write your service description professionally.
Stay online & Share your gigs social site.
develop your skill in your category
Learn more about Fiverr.
Follow: https://blog.fiverr.com/post/fiverrcast-episode-10-tips-for-new-sellers-transcript

Good Luck to you 🙂


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