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Changes after buying

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After delivery you can ask for a revision if required until 3 days after the order was delivered (at which point it would auto-complete if no revisions have been asked for). You could look to see if there’s a revision policy on the gig (eg. whether it says was it is allowed in revisions in the faq) and whether/how many free revisions are offered in the gig.

If you haven’t accepted the order yet you should be able to request a revision (if free revisions are offered and it’s not against their revision policy). If it’s a simple change it shouldn’t be problem. Though there’s a box when you create an order which says something like “I have specified everything any changes may be chargeable”.

You could ask the seller if you are unsure whether that change would be any problem/whether you can just ask for a revision request (or whether it might be chargeable).

If it would be a normal revision (and the order hasn’t been accepted yet - is not set to complete) you’d say “no” to “are you ready to complete the order?” (or similar message) and then click “I still need revisions”.

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