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4 jobs in 6 months


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Hi to fiverr forum community. I have a few questions that I need an answer to. So if there is anyone who is in the mood to answer it I would appreciate it.

So I started working on fiverr in December 2020. As everyone at the start i had tough times. I went to the buyer request, and somehow got a job there. Firstly it was only one catalog, but the client was happy so we did one more, and 2 additional logos. He even left me a tip. After that I had 2 more messages from other clients but nothing came from it.

Every now and then I update my photos with a new ones. I update description of the gigs. I’m online every day, have a 5 stars review. Have 1.3k impressions on one of my gig. But still nothing.

Let me make it clear. I’m not desperate, I’m doing graphic design because I love it, this is not gonna stop me from doing it. Tbh If I could I would do it for free for 6 months, just to be seen from others. I don’t need money for now.

So the question is, what’s the problem?
Has anyone of you had the same problem, am I rushing it or what? Do you have any suggestions on what to do, should I just wait?

Thanks in advance…

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Please see:
. fiverr.com/support/articles/360016244757-Gig-Images-Dos-and-Donts
. Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers

You only have 16 minutes of read-time shown in your forum profile. Check out the Tips For Sellers category (Fiverr Tips - Fiverr Community Forum). You’ll find hundreds of threads offering advice on a variety of things to consider and/or improve. (Note: Not all advice can apply to all gigs or categories. Be sure you check multiple sources as there are some false tips, even among the top threads.)

It takes a lot of work to make it as a freelancer, so be sure to research and plan accordingly.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” (Attributed to Benjamin Franklin)

. Are you a new seller? This is how you get more orders:
. How to get any orders at all ... and get more once you have a few
. Before you ask about HOW TO GET ORDERS or No Orders: READ THIS (MORE ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order, Impressions, Sales)

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There’s a lot of graphic designers or “so called” graphic designers on Fiverr. Find another way to reach your target audience. Use social media if you want to do free work. Chances are when people see the work you do for others they will ask about your services.

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