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How do I make my gig popular on Fiverr?

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It’s not about popularity, it’s about quality and professionalism. and that is obtained by studying what you want to do??‍?

Quality and professionalism are absolutely essential to create and maintain a successful business, but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the potential impact of “popularity.”

If a buyer sees a seller with over a thousand reviews and a whole lot of orders in queue and then sees a seemingly equally talented seller but with only a handful of reviews earned over the same period of time, the bandwagon effect can definitely influence the buyer to choose the more successful and “popular” seller.

It kind of stinks, but popularity does regularly translate into increased opportunity.

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Try to stay online longer and do proper SEO. Also do focus on quick response to your buyer. Don’t compromise with quality.

What being online mean to you? I am tired of hearing this “be active online” advice. Being online just for being online does not make any sense. Use your time wisely, be productive while you don’t get any orders. Learn more about Fiverr and how you can be successful here, learn more about online and content marketing (outside Fiverr that you can share your gigs and add value to your “business”), work on building a solid portfolio… the list can go on and on. A successful seller is too busy to…
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