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Need tips for getting order


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This is Amdad. I am new to Fiverr. I created this account in 2020. I completed the last order 6 months ago. Still, now I didn’t get any orders, Need tips. What should I do at this moment for getting an order?

My profile link:

favicon-32x32.png.eb9c7a9551616dcedff69096a152e15c.png Fiverr.com ab51603c-3ba6-4c22-92ba-75ab8f0c65ba.PNG.a04278f869e27d3f0e710d766de78b88.PNG

amdad24's public profile on Fiverr

Hi,This is Amdad. Are you looking for creative and professional Editor? HERE YOU ARE!!! My experience allows me to complete my tasks effectively and in a timely manner. I am motivated, dedicated and passionate by this job.Thank you.

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