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Saving favorite gigs as bookmarks via labels , tags or folders for quicker access


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An improvement i would like to see on fiverr

I spend more than i earn on fiverr, but thats not an issue

As a buyer i wish i could SORT AND save my favorite gigs, under labELS or tags or folders as i often buys gigs more than once and it would be helpful to sort out an tag my favorite gigs to buy them more often and for quick ACCESS.

Im sure this will help a lot of users



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@jeromejf Have you looked into the “collections” feature? It let’s you do exactly what you’re looking for. Follow what kjblynx said in regards to the heart, but in the heart there is an arrow next to it the let you make “custom collections”. You can make the collection and in the future when you click that heart and pick a category, you can save it that area.

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