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Fiverr seller is threatening me

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Hi there,

I have recently created a fiverr gig offering business motivaiton insttagram reels.

Today I have recived a message from a fiverr seller telling me I have copied his gig, and that he has reported to customer support, and that he will also take legal action against me if I keep my gig on.

Basically I think he is trying to claim I am a copycat gig (he is also sellign busines motivationn reels for instagram).

I have created all the content myself, havent copied any gig images or so.

Do I have anything to worry from him claims, and is there anything to do against this kind of behavior (Is it even allowed to threaten with legal action if I keep my gig on, isn’t that suppose to be fiverr job of determining if I broke the rules, which I honestly believe I didn’t)

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Did you copy anything else? Packages? Description? FAQs? The content of the images?

There might be small similarity with 1 FAQ (We asked the same question), and the service that we are offerig at the package (same amount of items will be delivered) other than that, nothing doesn’t even look similar

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