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Became a Level 1 Seller!


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Hey everyone!

I hope this year is treating everyone well, with everything going on in the world.
Just wanted to share the joy of in the last week or so I just became a Level 1 Seller here on Fiverr officially and I can’t tell you how happy I am about it!

I know it’s nothing super fancy, but I only started here last July or August I believe, and I’ve been so very lucky to have all the lovely clients I’ve had the chance to work with so far. Being a digital fantasy artist, I know there are a ton of other amazing artists as well people can choose from, and I am just grateful for each customer who has given me an order since I put all the work I can into each of my pieces.

I’m sure there are plenty of people who have written down tips, but I thought I would just share what I thought was really helpful(for artists):

  1. Be interested in your client’s ideas!
  2. Communication is key! It never hurts to update them on the progress from time to time, and if anything I feel it helps them feel involved and appreciated.
  3. Make use of the Buyer Requests! While I’ve only gotten a small handful of commissions from there, it’s really good to take a look and apply yourself to projects that interest you. And remember, make your message memorable!
  4. Do your best to always deliver early or at the least on time! (For any students out here, give yourself a couple extra days in your gigs/customer offers so you can put your education first!) It always feels good to get things in on time, and Fiverr likes it too(even more so if its early)!
  5. Be kind to yourself in pricing! Really take time to figure out your pricing, and don’ t underprice yourself. Self respect will go a long way not only on here, but in life in general as well.
  6. Important Make an excel sheet if you are newer, and make it keep track of the order names, money received, and time spent on it, so it can calculate your dollars per hour. It will really put into perspective your prices for the work you put out.
  7. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, inspire to improve yourself as a seller in the quality in your work. If you are an artist, keep doing what you good at, and get better at what you are not so good at!

Thanks again to the sweet Fiverr community here!


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