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How can get more IMPRESSIONS?

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Hey there welcome to the Fiverr world! First of all it’s good to know what impressions precisely are, in order to understand why they don’t matter that much. As Fiverr explains impressions are 'the number of times your Gig appeared in Fiverr's thumbnails (i.e., on the homepage, category/subcategory page, search, and user page)'.

This means that it’s just how many browsing buyers potentially see your gig. What’s more important are the clicks you get. Because this means there’s an actual chance for a sale since a buyer has seen your gig and thought to themselves ‘hey I might want to order from this person!’.

Here’s are two helpful links that describes better why you shouldn’t focus on impressions too much:
Impressions aren’t all that important. Here’s why:
If your impressions are dropping, please read this.

Hope this helps and good luck with your freelance journey 😃

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