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Seller is not responding and asks for time extensions


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I have ordered a gig from an artist seller for some concept art.
He stated the gig was going to be 10 days and all details were laid out pretty clearly with reference materials. The seller after 10 days provided a sketch of the requested concept art. he then asked twice for a 3 days extension (we are on day 16 now) and even with repeated requests for an update he just refuses to post any update or even says more than just “don’t worry I am working on it”.
We are now 2hours away from the deadline and I am not willing to give any further extensions without some kind of progress update.
I have a hard feeling that I am getting scammed here.
Fiverr does not seem to offer me any good resolution since all resolutions just ask the seller “would you please…” , I feel there is zero protection for me as a buyer. I guess I will see what happens in 2hours but I have a feeling I will lose my money.

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No you will not lose your money. The money will only go to the seller if you “accept delivery” (that is if the seller will make a delivery). You can cancel the order (once the time lapses and no delivery is made) and the money will go back to you as Fiverr credit which you can use to purchase from someone else. If you want it back to the source account (bank account ,etc) you can also ask Fiverr CS to do that.

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If the seller does deliver, and the delivery is acceptable, then be sure to rate the Seller accordingly.

If the seller does not deliver: fiverr.com/support/articles/360049216034-How-do-I-cancel-a-very-late-order

If the seller does deliver, but what is delivered does NOT meet your order criteria, nor match their samples, then either: fiverr.com/support/articles/360048873834-How-do-I-cancel-my-order-and-get-my-funds-back or request revisions (though if you’re already having this much trouble with the Seller, I’d go for cancellation).

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The seller provided a delivery - it is currently in revision.
So at least my fear to lose the money is now gone.

However I would expect Sellers to be more forthcoming with updates.
Like if someone asks politely for updates and all he gets is
“sorry will update asap”
“will update tomorrow”
“will update very soon”
“still working on it”
“you will have an update soon”

but then never does , Its just kind of unprofessional.
If a gig takes 10 days as per sellers offer, and on day 10 he has not shown anything beyond a 1h sketch then ofc I am going to get nervous.

Also now I need to see how the final result will look like because right now it is not the same quality as the gig samples.

regardless, thanks for the kind replies.

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