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My Level 2 Success!


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After a a few short weeks and creating some awesome artwork for clients, I have finally made it to a Level 2 Seller status!! =D> How did I get here so fast? I provide awesome work and high quality service to all customers, even if they aren’t a current customer! I have gained some very awesome clients over the past 2 months. My first month was slow since I needed to create my profile from scratch. I wanted to create something that stood out and really showed my level of quality.

After creating videos, design concepts and content; I was on my way. I reached Level 1 in only a few weeks. 19 days later, I am at Level 2!! I have great repeat clients because I know how customers want to be treated and I provide awesome design work that makes you jump for joy! 100% Satisfaction from all customers.

My overall goal is to become a Top Rated Seller and all the money I get funded for will allow me to work full time on Fiverr. Lets see where the next 6 months take me! Follow my journey… :-B

Thanks for your support!


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