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Order cancelled after a month

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Hi, My name is Shahnawaz.

Today i received a notification that a client cancelled the order and i was surprise to see it was that order whose funds were cleared and i withdrew them from my Fiverr.

I delivered the work, which was done perfectly on 13 may and I send a message to my client 3-4 time to check is the work is acceptable or i need to change it but he didn’t replay after the work is delivered.

But todays, my 56$ was deducted from my account and i come to know it was that money which i withdrew and used. I am shocked and surprised. why it was deducted from my money, why i all lose done to me? what was my mistake.

please, suggest me any solution so i get back my money. there is not a single mistake from me, i delivered the work before the deadline and continuously messaging him to review the work and he didn’t replay and cancelled without discussing without any reason.

Please help. Thank you so much!

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Seriously!! Some of thiese rubbish clients seller’s reputations come to in danger.

Yes you are right, From last 30-35 order, this was my 2nd order which got cancelled without having any mistake. As a result, my order completion rate came to 93% without any reason.

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