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Gig got de-ranked

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I hope you all are doing good.

I am level a 2 seller right now and fulfilled all the requirements for a top-rated seller on Fiver, 2 months ago.

I am facing an issue regarding my Gig for 3 months and now it’s a very alarming situation for me.

My Gig was on the 1st page, 1st line, but suddenly it disappears from the 1st page and now it’s been 3 months, it doesn’t even exist on any page. I have searched throughout the category but can’t be able to find my gig in that category.

I completely understand that this is all because of the algorithm and all that. I am working really hard for a good reputation as a seller. I have maintained everything at 100% with 5-star ratings.

Now, When every I apply filters like the online seller, Bestseller, Level 2 seller, I see my Gig there with the Fiverr Choice badge. If I am getting a Fiverr Choice badge then it means I am performing really well.

My concern is, Why I am not getting my gig back on main searches even after a very good performance? I am only getting orders from my regular clients and my click and impressions dropped to almost 1/3rd and I am facing this issue for 3 months, It’s definitely not a short period.

I completely understand that de-ranking occurs because of various factors but De-ranking should mean that my gig appears on the last pages but that’s not the case. My Gig doesn’t even appear on any page.

It’s a very harsh reality for me that after working so hard for more than 1 year now I am only getting orders from old clients. My clicks and Impression going down.

I am very depressed about this situation, Kindly help me out in this matter. There must be a solution to this error.

Looking forward to your positive response!

Abdul Majid Maqsood

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