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Fiverr support ghosted me


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My Client placed two order instead of one by mistake, I created a ticket on support telling its not my fault and cancel order and don’t affect my cancellation request.

For straight two day fiverr Support told me: we don’t cancel order because issue isn’t related to your account and only response to client request. They clearly Denied helping me or cancelling order even thought I send them screenshot of client admitting, he placed by mistake and want to cancel order, order placed on my account so clearly its a issue related to my account.

Third day I created a new ticket and this time client sent me cancellation request as well, they instead of helping me merging my old ticket and new ticket

Fourth day I told them “You got time to merge ticket but not to cancel order”, they replied with another stupid reply “We sent ticket to respective department”

Its been many days and I’m waiting for there reply, Even my order automatically going to cancel because I didn’t respond to request.

I made 10+ thread on this forum about how bad fiverr support and I’ll say my whole life “Worlds worst support”, its been 3 year on fiverr, Fiverr support didn’t helped me on a single issue on single request.
I created 15+ tickets so far and only 3-4 of them solved.

Fiverr support sucks, fiverr support bad, I hate fiverr support.

If this is the condition of a level 2 seller I can’t imagine pain of other seller…

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