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Portfolio Link in Description


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My gig got removed because I had used a link in the FAQ section.
Later on, while I was researching more about “gig descriptions”, I landed on the profile of a Top Seller. She has mentioned 2 links in her description.

Is it okay to use the portfolio link in the GIG DESCRIPTION? and not in FAQ?

I am confused.

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  • ammyy. com
  • blogspot. com
  • dafont. com
  • dailymotion. com
  • flickr. com
  • mixcloud. com
  • reverbnation. com
  • soundcloud. com
  • teamviewer. com
  • tumblr. com
  • vimeo. com
  • wetransfer. com
  • wikipedia. org
  • wordcounter. net
  • youtube. com

If you use a URL in your Gig, which is not in the above list, your Gig may be denied!

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