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A buyer threatening me

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Hi Faisal,

I feel bad for you as the customer tortured you a lot and I can understand your feeling at the moment beause I am also independent student who needs to fullfil a lot things in life.
My suggestions are here.
Please ubmit a case against him to customer suppport. Don’t forget to explain all the situation with scope of work and was extra in the revisions. They will definately help you as you are really good at explaining the things in depth and can defend yourself. I will definately hire you if you were a lawyer to file a case. Lol. (Just kidding to make you feel good.)
Never work with such buyers that will put pressure on you and ask for discount.!
If you have sent a quote for specific work then, never give discounts in any situations. Only cheap people ask for discount who is not willing to appreciate the hard work. I am not againt the discount but I never do this to my customers instead I give them extra bonus work. For example, share the source file of work if customers want a logo design. You can show them a free mockup as a gig bonus.

I wish you all the best and Allah help you to turn your parent’s dreams into reality.

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I showed everything to the CS and luckily I got the postive response from the CS. They removed my warning 🙂 But I didn’t get my level two back. How to do this pls?

I’m very satisfied and happy now that I have amazing community like you who encourage me and support me in the very stressful situation and and gave me true and honest directions.

You guys are love​:relaxed: Thank you everyone who replied me here and also CS who took the honest decision 🙂

Thanks, Alhamdulilah now I’m free of warnings.

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I also got back my level two badge 🙂 It was a great experience with the Fiverr CS.

Thanks again to the CS and everyone here 🙂

That’s great to hear! Did CS explain as to why they made the initial decision, or why they reversed the decision?

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